Green Ticks was founded in 2016. Green Ticks has established a full service center business framework based on its research foundation for the development of online & computer based test examinations and other IT enables services. Green Ticks is a registered company in Central India that focuses on Online & Computer Based Test Examination and is a leading Digital Assessment Service Center Provider (DASCP) other IT enable Services.

Green Ticks is headquartered in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh. Green Ticks has also actively ventured into overseas markets and has established tip-ups & subsidiaries in different part of the world. We have become a one stop solution provider for conducting Computer Based Test Examinations Center, Skilled Manpower Resources (Technical Manpower Resources, Operational Manpower, and Security Manpower at Major City of  MP/CG & Pan India etc.), Security Solutions (we offered CCTV Solution, Metal Detector Devices, Mobile Jammer etc), Network Infrastructure Solution , Hardware Solutions, Software Solutions, Digital Transformation of Business, Corporate Training & Workshop, Voice Solution, Power Solution, Business Development Solution, and Social Services.

Green Ticks has been established with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We believe in keeping the customers happy and satisfied. We have excellent team who will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your organization and informing about the latest trends.

We have right resources, Skill Sets and expertise that help client’s access technologies in the context of their usage within their business. We provide professional DASCP, Support & our services to both local and overseas companies irrespective of their size and industry domain.

Our aim is to provide customer focused, timely and quality Online Examination and other IT enable Services. Outsourcing Solutions together with tailored services in a way that is sustainable and cost efficient. Green Ticks takes advantage of its top – notch expertise and resources to provide a complete package of IT Outsourcing Services for various City of MP & CG and Pan India. We provide absolute IT Solutions to meet your organizational needs.

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